About Us

Crispy Spring Roll Inc. is the leading quick-service Chip Wagon in town. Our success is rooted in combining exotic oriental delicacies with usual fast food fare
The architects behind Crispy Spring Roll food boutique have married the notion of quality and the ability to serve our clientele in a fast-paced and attractive environment.

We strive for excellence and take great pride in the food that we prepare. It is our belief that great food can only be made from the finest and freshest ingredients. At Crispy Spring Roll we are committed to achieving superior customer satisfaction by providing a wide variety of inexpensive products in a trendy atmosphere with genuine and timely service.

Our vision of success is to always exceed expectations by offering a tasteful variety of authentic food prepared and served by well-trained and motivated teams. The perfect ingredients for a memorable experience!

We, at Crispy Spring Roll Inc. pays special attention to maintain hygienic atmosphere...


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